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【Taiwan Sightseeing】”Red reef tea house” delicious tea, meal and the best view in Macon


While I was traveling in Taiwan, I went to 猫空 (Maocon) on a day trip. Cat Sky is one of the tourist destinations of Taipei and it is located on the mountain climbed by ropeway about one hour from the city.

Although it is about 4 kilometers ropeway and it is about 300 meters high.

Because the green of nature continues only, I feel calm.

猫空 are where I take a walk and drink tea.

What place is 猫空 for? I thought before going, but anyway I tried to drink a delicious tea with my name cute. Basically it’s like a place to relax and enjoy a scenic view and drink tea slowly.

We had not eaten rice in the morning, so we looked for a meal immediately. Sometimes it is on the top of the mountain, I could not find a nice shop.

Somehow entered “紅木屋休閒茶館” was very good.

A shop featuring being a building of brick making. I decided here because it was possible to have meal and tea.

Although there is a first floor and an underground floor here, we recommend seats in the basement floor because the first floor can only see the scenery through the glass. Although it is the basement floor, it is the lower floor of the building which is built in the mountain, so you can see the scenery from the top of the mountain.


Looking from the outside like this. It was a very good feeling.

Taiwanese tea which I drank in “紅木屋休閒茶館”


I forgot what tea was, but I made it the most orthodox tea. I felt so delicious as I walked a bit on a hot day. You guys have drunk.


Stir-fried vegetables and eggs


We also had rice in earnest. It was distinctive that raw eggs were on board, ginger and garlic were effective, that the food we ate here was something like sausage (a kind of aka grease) was a bit different.


Chicken and Pao

f:id:hapimo6164:20180703065128j:imageI also ate cold chicken with kelp soup. Well. Pao is a bread made from only meat bread dough, but it is fluffy and rich in delicious taste. I can only eat this.


Shrimp soup

It is a soup of shrimp and tofu. There is no way it can not be delicious.



I liked the favorite “Beef boiled beef”, I tried it here as well. Homage as ever.

It was a “紅木屋休閒茶館” which somehow entered and eaten and drank, but it was a shop that you can recommend if you want to have tea with rice in the sky.

紅木屋休閒茶館(Red reef tea house)


Walk after cats lightly even after meals

Since my stomach became full, I started searching for cats sky. There is a pre-determined walking route.

It is a quiet and peaceful mountain road. I heard that the tourists pass each other.

The air is delicious. It is the same as in Japan, a slightly different atmosphere.

Despite the sunshine in the April period, it was hot over 30 degrees. I went home without walking for an hour. If the cat sky leaves early in the morning, planning with a half-day course is no problem at all.

Delicious breads at Komazawa-daigaku Sta.

Japanese bread is not be much highlighted in the Japanese travel guide but I can assure that they are really awesome for foreigners too. The ones in the photo are very typical. Curry bread, sausage roll, voluminous sandwiches which I got at a bakery shop “Antendo” located just near Komazawa-daigaku Metro Sta. of Tokyu Dentntoshi Line. Tastes are optimized for Japanese people that means it’s made of fresh ingredient with subtle flavour. Just try it when you find any busy bakery shops in Japan.

Report of the progress of 3 months from the start of diet by the weight of 100 kg weight!

Three months have passed since the beginning of dieting from the middle of April.

I am giving up thinning over and over so far, but the results are coming out this time. I will tell you the reason at the end.

Rough rough diet progress so far

Weight at the start of diet

The weight on April 16 is 95.1 km. It was nearly 100 kg fat man.


Body weight one month after starting diet

Weigh 90.3 kg just one month after starting diet.

It was a result of minus 4.8 kilos in one month.


Weight after 2 months from the beginning of diet

After two months it is 88.6 kg. It got a further minus 1.7 kg, but it has slowed down here.


From the second month onwards, I ate so much.

I ate a delicious thing convincedly because I went back to Japan temporarily. As a result, it increased to 90.1 kg at a stroke. In the midst of extending by 1.5 kg in just 10 days …. (I did not increase as much as I thought.)


Weight after 3 months from the beginning of diet

[この3日間の体重推移↓7月11日: 89.5kg ->夜ピザLガチ食い7月12日: 89.4kg ->昼ピザハーフ、夜ラムチョップガチ食いそして本日7月13日夕方の体重は”88.0kg”!!チート技大成功。…]

And, as of the night of July 13, which is about three months later, the result is 88.0 km. It is 7.1 kg down from the start.

So, in my case I succeeded in dieting 7.1 kg in 3 months, but I will tell you again what kind of diet you are doing.


My diet method for 3 months came

Although I managed to lose weight despite the lapse of a lapse of time, basically I was doing muscle training while doing a reasonable diet.

I will briefly introduce how it came.

Muscle training
  • Training is 1 hour to 2 hours a day. We divided the part to be tempered 5-6 days a week.
  • The trained muscle is whole body. We preferentially exercised parts with large muscle mass such as chest, back and legs.
  • Aerobic exercise is often about 10 to 20 minutes after muscle training if you feel at ease.
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day to maximize the effect of muscle trekkai diet.


  • Take calorie just by your own metabolism.
  • I grasp the daily requirement of the three major macro nutrients such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates and tried meals tailored to it.
  • Basically, I will not drink alcohol.


  • Protein: It is indispensable after muscle training.
  • Protein bar: I eat it occasionally as a snack.
  • HMB: Prepare muscle before ingestion to prevent muscle degradation.
  • Multivitamin: Because it tends to be short during dieting, it is supplemented.
Health management tools & applications used

DIET GENIUS macro calculation simulator

It is a site which can confirm the basal metabolism and the necessary amount of my 3 major nutrients.


AI’s nutrition managers advise variously just by searching for and inputting what you ate easily. I managed the intake and calories of three major nutrients.


Over, I’m on a diet with this method and tools.


Why is this diet going well?

Frankly because it is aimed at building a muscular body by doing muscle training.

Up to now I have been rebounding immediately after diet restriction × jogging center impossible for a short period of time, but this time I am on a diet incorporating muscle training to give muscle firmly to the whole body.

By doing a muscle trekkai diet,

  • I did it without doing aerobic exercise such as doing boring jogging etc.
  • Motivation can be maintained because there is feeling that muscle strength and muscles are attached. (Actually, the weight that can lift dumbbell & barbell is also getting higher.)
  • I eat the amount needed to train muscles so I do not need extreme patience.
  • Basal metabolism is up because muscle is attached. Eating once in a while does not rebound and it is difficult to gain weight.

Because it makes good use of the merit such as diet is going on properly.


To be honest, a 100 kg fat man’s diet is not painful.

I think that it is not easy for people of body fat percentage to lose weight so far, but it is not painful to drop a few kilos of body weight for people with body fat percentage as high as 30% near 100 kilometers. People who are overweight to live feel free to recommend me try starting a muscle Toray Diet like me.


The diet will continue forever.

Three months have just passed, but when I look back on my previous exercise and eating habits, I learned that “there was no reason not to get fat.”

And from now on, I also realize that I have to go on a diet for the whole life to maintain my body shape in an ideal shape.

It may be thought that life is a diet or too hot, but people keeping their body shape as good as they are trying to take good care of meals or exercising.

So it can not be helped. Especially for the fat that gets fat only until it reaches 100 kilos.


My goal is to make my weight less than 80 kg at the end of 5th month of diet!

The future goal is to make it from 88.0 km to 80 km in three months while attaching the muscle. We will reduce the remaining 8 kilometers by mid September. I think that I want to become fat bodied by dropping only fat without lean body mass of muscle etc. as much as possible.


I will report diet progress in the future!

All dishesof Hamasami yaki are so cute.


My wife, who loves tableware, found a dish that he might be hooked.

It is Hasamiyaki’s new design style ceramic.

Imari and Arita-yaki are famous but are you familiar with Hasami-yaki? What?

I did not know at all. When I first saw it was something I thought it was a dish baked in something

It seems that this is a pottery made in the place called Hasami Town in Nagasaki. Originally it seems that it was distributed as Arita yaki.

While pushing a flock of ladies at the department I bought a small dish of plates and a square plate and a bowl for my one lunch.

Where can I buy Hasamiyaki’s bowl?

Since it was a place like a temporary shop even if it was a sales department, what would you do if you wanted to purchase more repeat from now? If I looked it in and saw it, apparently it seems that Instagram has become a topic a bit somewhat. I thought it was cute.

You know Japanese old dishes are sometimes like too old?

I thought that the feeling like “THE taste” is still early at my age, so it did not find anything I wanted very much.

But I have already found Hasamiyaki! !

I also found a shop that sells this dish! More than one store was opened for Rakuten!

Variety Handsami-yaki’s vessels are nice!

The vessel whose favorite marine organisms are drawn is a series called cocomalin, but there are various series of Hasamiyaki machines ~!


This is a series called TANIKU, but it is a cute and practical elegance that can be used for soy sauce sushi, put soy sauce or something on a wide side, and the mouth part of the bottle can also be used for chopstick rest.


There are other colors in this bowl series, but I just want to eat Acai etc. uselessly with just pretty colors that I can not think of Japanese-style dishes.


Many other types of vessels and mugs are on sale, but are not they nice?

There is no feeling of floating in comparison with other dishes if this is the case with Japanese dishes, but if you eat breakfast with this, it seems the tension will rise ^ ^ ♪

For a while I’m thinking I will make it here when I buy dishes!

You can eat Italian pizza with authentic kiln-baked Italian baked in Komazawa University’s “Napolystaka”!

Speaking of Komazawa University, my local area. At the end of 2015, the Italian opened a shop on the way to the station. It was understood from the appearance of the store that it was Italian at a glance.

For a while, I thought that “I am somewhat lazy in Italy” but I do not think it will become such a popular shop. Italian, this Napolystaka, pizza was on the television as being an ultra-genuine horny topic.

A long time has passed since I thought of going someday, but I went there last year.

Popularity is almost full as the store opens

Almost everyone lined up in a shop before making a reservation or opening. Because we were in front of the opening ceremony, we were surprised to think that there are so many people. Italian people greeted me with a super smile at the same time as opening. The interior is super fashionable.

Ultra authentic kiln-baked pizza.

Although I found a fashionable pizza kiln, I took photos unintentionally even though I was in off mode. It seems like she ‘s going to Disney. Perhaps it is also popular reason that visa is eaten in different space of European design.

Because it is the first time, after all Margherita!


I usually eat pizza only in Pizza and Pizza Hut, so I do not know the authentic Italian pizza. For starters I ordered a classic Margherita.

Impression of authentic pizza

Margherita was ecstatic enough to change the common sense of pizza among themselves as the material was intact. This is a guy who is happy with adults who are tired of women and persistent things.

As a calorie & juicy-oriented servant I was honestly too light and I was unsatisfactory.

I mean I was glad I was not margarita. There were lots of things like salads with salads that responded to more, and pro shooters were delicious!

We will look forward to that next time.

The place is 30 seconds walking from the west entrance of Komazawa University Station on the Denento line, about 15 seconds.

We are having lunch and dinner, so please do.

関連ランキング:イタリアン | 駒沢大学駅

【Taiwan gourmet】 14 awesome tastes at Shihlin Night Market

Shihlin Night Market (Seirin Yoichi) is the biggest and famous in Taipei’s night market. Everyone will visit the traveler. I have already been to Shihlin Night Market about 5 times. I have only gone to Taiwan twice so far, but that’s why I go to this night market because there are lots of delicious food.


The story of Shihlin Night Market food was about a little in the introduction article I wrote after traveling to Taiwan for the first time but I would like to introduce the delicious shop stalls of Shihlin again and again.

8 classic gourmet from Taiwan

1.胡椒餅 (fried meat)


It is a manju of att’aart listed wrapping pork with pepper. I think that it is surely delicious if it is Japanese, but a little spicy.

I am vacant though because it is still bright, but I will have a queue at night so let’s eat it as soon as you find one. The appearance looks like a baked bread, but …

If you bite a bite, meat will appear from inside. The outside is crispy and the inside is juicy. It is delicious. Beware of baked fish because it’s hotly fucked!


2.雞排(Super oversized fried chicken)


雞排 is a super-oversized fried chicken and a representative gourmet of Taiwan stalls. Anyway, its size is stupid. Expressing the feeling of size as “a bigger fried chicken than a human face”, I often see tourists who take pictures by arranging chicken next to their face.

It may be difficult to understand the size, but it is big. Super cute juicy listing. I would like to eat Korean if I eat Kentucky. Absolutely recommended.

There are several food stalls for 雞排. However, if you dare introduce the most tasty 雞排, this stall called “香雞排”. Regular excretion is seasoned with spice powder sprinkled on fried chicken fried crisply, but this type painted special sauce. This sauce makes me feel good again.

“香雞排” is undoubtedly the popularity No. 1 of the local people. This queue is full at sunset. As you go to the main gate of Shihlin Night Market all the way to the right, there is “incense incense” at the end of the night market area.


3.大腸包小腸(Taiwan style hot dog wrapped in rice)

This food to write with the small intestine wrapped in the large intestine, this name which seems to be visceral to blatantly, I will imagine a little grotesque thing ,,,


Actually, it is a Taiwanese style hot dog that sausage is sandwiched between buns made of rice. This is confusing and delicious. This is the best in me but I am unanimously unanimous with my friend who has been to Taiwan No.1. I think that there is a stall of the small intestine of the large intestine envelope whenever I go to the night market, but I think that Shihlin is the most delicious.

Actually it wrapped around like this and hand it over. It is GOOD that you can eat without steeping your hands as you eat while eating it from paper gradually.

The stall of 大腸包小腸 can be seen as a store just baking red and white sausages at first glance like a photo. The white one is the wrapping part of the hot dog so do not notice without going through.


4.起司馬鈴薯(Cheese potato)

It is a junk food that puts bacon on a cheddar cheese that melted boiled potatoes and put it on a crust. There is no way it can not be delicious.

Although the signboard reflects on the light, it does not appear, but it is written as “起司馬鈴薯”. It is right next to the fried chicken “香雞排” I introduced earlier.


5.葱油餅(Fluffy juicy fried bread)

I do not know if it is really onions but the eggs have entered the clothes that flavorfully juiced with oil. This is a gem of a hot horse to eat absolutely.

I always bought it here. It seems that it is also published in Taipei Walker.


6.士林熱狗王(Taiwanese style American dog)

Taiwanese style American dog I tried eating it with an interesting name called hot dable.


It is solidly incised. Perhaps I think that it cut it with groundbreaking thought that you can cast ketchup and mustard here. The taste is completely ordinary American dog. It is easier to eat than the original one if it says it is thin. I like people I like.


7.臭豆腐(Deep-fried in Taiwan’s unique flavor)

“臭豆腐” is a staple of stalls where there are many shops no matter where you go to the night market. I heard that it smells so nauseated that it is not as bad as I thought.

There is no such thing as it looks. It smells a bit to the nose until you eat it, but it is just a sweet sauce if you stay in your mouth. It is delicious normally. If you come to Taiwan so much, I have to try it once!


8.杏鮑茹(Grilled Eringi mashroom)

It is the stall of Elingi BBQ that locals make rows of long lines. When you go to Shihlin you are lined up.

A lot of eryngii are baked one after another ,,,

It is such a food. Exquisite seasoned seasoning of eringi which was burned fluffily. It is healthy and tasty. Shirin ‘s “杏鮑茹” is introduced in detail in another article.


Origin of Korea? But three delicious food stall gourmet selection

9.濃起司章魚焼(Cheese Takoyaki)

I think that I often see these stalls, Shilin Night Market walking. I do not think I’m coming to Taiwan and baking octopus. It is totally different from octopus grill we know.

If you look closely it may be because it is written in Korean because it is written “signature” in the signboard.

Looking at the middle of making, it is the first impression that one octopus-grilling space is packed too much and I do not know well, but if you look closely you see a lot of cheese riding on octopus .

Here is the finished product. The size of octopus! The octopus is overflowing from the box because it is too big.

I am sorry to have been disturbed, but if you think that it is an octopus and cheese rather than a powder octopus baked. It is very different from the octopus like the corner of the taco grill that is in the Japanese festival. It is delicious to enjoy octopus taste firmly. He has a response to eating.


10.韓式熱狗棒(Deep-fried Frankfurt with cheese)

Although it may be derived from Korea, I think that I often encounter when coming to Taiwan’s night market.

On the signboard there is a pictures that pokes for cheese lovers.

I think that appearance is fried sausage, but it is fun to see that it is totally different from imagination when eating.

The skin that covers it than sausage is juicy. And Torotro’s mozzarella cheese inside. I am dying to like cheese. And some sausages are included in the extent of sorry. I admired the sense of volume that I packed so much like this.


11.韓式炸雞部隊麺(Cheese Chicken Ramen)

This is based on familiar cheese taccarbie in Korea, but the fun place is where ramen is also entering it!

Chicken × cheese × ramen. I thought it was a taste that I could imagine and I never experienced it. There is quite a volume, so it is recommended for those who want to eat much.


3 shops of women’s favorite “Tapioca drink” shops


A stylish drink shop as it floats from the atmosphere of the night market. It is tapioca juice that is more important than design and color-friendly.

I can drink such colorful juice. It will be nice on instagram.



A shop in Tapioca drink called “珍煮丹” which was on the street in the middle of a night market. A lot of tea drinks. Everything seems to be delicious, but in my opinion there is no mistake of powdered tea milk. Tapioca here is delicious and delicious.



This is a chain store, everywhere in Taipei except Shihlin Night Market.

Fresh tapioca juice. Pretty orthodox type. Green tea here is recommended when thirsty.


This is a summary of the food stall gourmet that we thought that our couple was delicious by eating Shihlin Night Market in Taipei. Please refer for your trip.

In addition, I will go to Shihlin next time and eat something and I will update it more and more.

A Meat Mountain on the Rice

Have you ever heard that Japanese people love eating roasted-beef with rice?

I can imagine western people are suprised to know that, but anyway we lovely eat it as a fast food called “Roasted-beef don”. Actually it’s really good. Roasted-beef on the rice with raw fresh egg, cream cheese and wasabi soy sauce is best matching!

Here are pictures taken when I visited IONE mall in Kaihin Makuhari, Chiba prefecture.

It’s available at “Rosutobifu Hoshi(ローストビーフ星)” which is fast food restrant chain lined up at food court of IONE shopping mall.

This is info of where I’ve eaten in. Rostobifu Hoshi is restraunt chain located several spots in Japan.

The left is regular size for my wife and right is the biggest size for me.

Zoom in on the meat mountain. Damm..I’m hungry again..

See the beautiful rock mountain covered with snow! Are you ready to climb up?

Unfortunately the restaurant above is not located in Tokyo but Chiba. This area of Kaihin Makuhari is popular for Makuhari stadium where various seasonal events and business conferences are held. Also, a lot of  hotels and accomodations are here. It’s convenient for people who visit Tokyo Disneyland since it’s close by Keiyo line. I see more foreigners here recently.

There are so many Roasted-beef don restaurants also in Tokyo but I don’t have enough time to summarize them today… let me show you next time!

My best beef tongue in Sangenjyaya

I believe Japanese beef is the highest quality on earth. When I say high quality beef, it’s marbled beef which is like a masterpiece of art or greater than that. You can enjoy it even by visual itself not only its taste. Among such beautiful beefs are available in Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants in Japan and they are fiercely competing each other especially in Tokyo area.

“Yakiniku Sakamoto” is one of my best Yakiniku restaurant located near Sangenjyaya Sta. of Tokyu-denentoshi-line.  It serves awesome high rate beefs, and my favorite menu is Jyou atsugiri tansio (High rank thick slices of beef tongue with salt).

Jyou atsugiri tansio (High rank thick slices of beef tongue with salt). Price is 2,280JPY.

See this beautiful pieces of marbled beef tongue. It’s so high brand, fresh, smooth and crazy tender! Once you experience the taste you won’t be able to eat tender sirloin beef because it’s not “tender” for you anymore. Only this beef tongue is the real tender beef!

Contrast of light and shadow on the beef tongue is so fantastic!

You can eat them even as raw meat since it’s too fresh, we call it “niku sashi” (Sashimi of meat) if we eat meat as it’s raw. I recommend you to grill them with medium rare grilling 30-45 sec for both front and back. Staffs at the restaurant might stop you saying like “Don’t grill for such a long time! super rare is good!” but just ignore it. Believe me medium rare is the best.

Jyotan Usugiri (slices of high rank beef tongue). Price is 1,980JPY.

They are thiner slices of tongue which is more typical beef of tongue style. How do you see this beautiful flower of meat? Don’t feed water! You just devour it!

Anyway I love beef tongue and highly recommend you to try this Yakiniku restaurant. It never betray you and you’ll be falling in love with her.

Here’s  “Sangenjyaya Yakiniku Sakamoto” on Google map

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Real Japaese food never exist in overseas

Hello people who are living in or came from out of Japan. Have you ever tried “Real Japanese food” in Japan? I want you to well understand that Japanese food served in your country is NOT Japanese food because their tastes are throughly customized to local prople. To be honest I have never met good Japanese food other than Japan even though I have visited more than 25 countries ever in my life.  In addition, the real Japanese food is not as expensive as your country and has much more variations.

I can show you an example for such the real Japanese food. Do you know Tempura? Tempura is a Japanese national and traditional dish of seafood and vegetables (evem ice-cream is possible) which are battered and deep-fried. Battered and fried vegetables used to be called “syojin-age” in the very past time  and they were loved by monks in temples, and finally distinguished from tempura. But know, there’s no more distinction and all are called tempura. I know more people from overseas are eating nowadays.

Well then, what about “Ebi-mayo”? I’m sure you don’t know. It is little arranged Shurimp tempura adding mayonaise sause on them like…

It’s so big and beautiful, isn’t it? Not only the nice visual but also this shit is very very delicious! The fried batter that is seasoned with soy sause is crispy and the ingredient inside are so juicy.

Now you wanna try. You can eat this “Ebi-mayo” at a restaurant near Sangenjyaya Sta. which is 5 min far by train from Shibuya in Tokyo. Links are as follows for your reference.

Find on Google map
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Dreaming of winning BIG and LOTO

I’ve started buying lottery in Japan. “Started” means I made up my mind to buy the weekly lottery called BIG or LOTO everytime. A book about good-luck which I’ve read recently inspired me to do that. An author of the book won the lottery and got 600 million yen (6M US dollars) in his past time and he is advising readers how he got such luck in the book. It is very simple way. He buys lottery for 3,000 yen few times everymonth and pray for himself storing the lottery ticket at east side of his house with it enclosed in a blue color envelop which manner is based on Kyu-sei (Ninestar traditional astrological signs in Onmyodo). Actually I had been very negative about lottery because you know a story.. the probability of winning the lottery is almost none as less as people get die of meteorite crash on the street. Knowing this fact, I had been thinking like “who the hell buys lottery? Are such people insane?”. But now I dare to be crazy because I learned there’s one natural condition to win lottery here..”You never win lottery unless you become crazy to buy the lottery”. If I’m very luckey, I will get 600 million someday and report here.