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All dishesof Hamasami yaki are so cute.

My wife, who loves tableware, found a dish that he might be hooked. It is Hasamiyaki’s new design style ceramic. Imari and Arita-yaki are famous but are you familiar with Hasami-yaki? What? I did not know at all. When I first saw it was something I thought it was a dish baked in something It seems that this is a pottery made in the place called Hasami Town in Nagasaki. Originally it seems that it was distributed as Arita yaki. While pushing a flock of ladies at the department I bought a small dish of plates and a square plate and a bowl for my one lunch. Where can I buy Hasamiyaki’s bowl? Since it was a place like a temporary shop even if it was a sales department, what would you do if you wanted to purchase more repeat from now? If I looked it in and saw it, apparently it seems that Instagram has become a topic a bit somewhat. I thought it was cute. You know Japanese old dishes are sometimes like …

Rest or work or exercise?

 A question everyday comes up on my mind. Should I rest or work or exercise today? Meaning, I’m wondering how to spend my free time to  improve quality of my life. Personally I prefer taking rest to do something consuming my energy while I know that taking too long rest ends up to a lack of exercise that worsens my physical/mental condition and deteriorates efficiency of my work and personal project that could make some profit or my skill-enhancement. At the end, I’ll fail in keeping myself in shape. This predictable bad end always worries me when I choose “taking a rest” out of the above three options. Then, I move my ass to take the same action as always: I start killing my resting time by doing more exercise and improving my physical strength and stamina. I have been repeating the same trial in recent years and come back to the initial position eventually and rethink “Rest or work or exercise?”. The loop always goes on in my life. Sounds very lazy but this is human being, right? I won’t rush and blame myself. I will just struggle anytime to make tomorrow a better day believing it will surely be.  

My English is all about my curiosity

I haven’t been liking learning English until now. I don’t feel any delight or pleasure even I become better at English. It’s so boring to study it on the book and I feel it’s wasting my time. Then why I learned and now use this language, it’s because I just wanna communicate people living out of Japan, who are various nationalities and have different views and values from me, know things I cannot find in Japan and visit somewhere I haven’t seen in my life. To accomplish the objectives, I had no choice but to learn English but I’m really appreciate my talent  to be eagar for doing that otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post now. I still need to improve my level in English more to get more experience and knowledge in my life but rushing is not necessary I think. I’ll take it easy and start learning with my curiosity relevant to English such as American novels, dramas and movies..

My life base, Sangenjyaya

My home town Sangenjyaya is the place 5min ride from Tokyo downtown Shibuya where had been low city and residential area of Tokyo until I became age to recognize things. It’s well balanced town with a variation of shops, restaurant and amusement after some fashonable mood had come from Shimokitazawa where is the very fashonable town for young people and there are nice cafeterias, restaurants and bars. Route 246 goes across the town toward Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi for inbound or Futakotamagawa for outbound. I rarely find foreigners meanwhile there are many in Shibuya where’s 10 min far from here. To tourists who visit Japan, I highly recommend to drop by this town getting off Tokyu-Denentoshi Metro line at Sangenjyaya station. Soon I’ll be share info about this time on this blog for you.

I left Phillipines 2 years ago…

I’ve been working in Cebu, Philippines until the summer of 2015 since the middle of 2013 while running online English learning school. It was small business whose service terminated and didn’t expand at all as expected. The reason why I embarked on such business is because I loved Cebu that had beautiful natures and cultures that I had known when I studied in one of the English academy in Cebu city of Phillipines in my university days. That was my first personal project in my life and I’ve learnd a lot like how difficult successful business start-up is, how much knowledge you need for starting, working stably in a foregin country, how tiring managing Fillipinos is, how Japanese are reluctant to learn English and so on. I know those difficulties have come from insufficient my skills and knowledge. Such an experience has been nominated as “a hardship” on my life and I couldn’t overcome it with a number of reasons unfortunately however it meant more than my time, money and life spent in 2 years. Of course I have no way not to think like that though. At least, I got a job now with a great deal utilizing my experience …

Negotiation is not always versatile.

I’ve been learning through all my life about how to negotiate people in disadvantageous situatian and I’ve been believing skills in negotiating and convincing are often useful and save myself like gaining unexpected profits or getting through a hardle that seems to be impossible. In reality , a life has a case that can’t help anyone and anything how much you negotiate and persuade and that was what I faced and was reminded by my wife last night. That was good relearning for me at the age of 31. I’ve already made up my mind to acceept my fate and position here and just move forward positively.

10 reasons why I start English blogging.

Hello everyone, my name is Hassy. I was born and raised in Tokyo and now I’m living oversea. You might think I’m a person who is likely to be showy or flashy as used to live in the central of urban city. Unfortunately I’m NOT, absolutely not. I always see my personality as a recluse who was accidentally originated here in Tokyo city. Today, such a recluse  has successfully launched this blog because I want to… 1. Connect people in the world via internet. It’s very simple idea to expect meeting new people oversea if I publish myself in a world common language. This is my first personal blogging but I made up my mind to start with English not Japanese even it will take twice or thrice of time to post because it seems to be more contributing to my life. I would welcome anyone involved on this website. 2. Let people out of Japan see how the real Japan is like. We Japanese are getting aware that more foreigners are now visiting to our country for tourism. A number of blogs and magazines pertaining …