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You can eat Italian pizza with authentic kiln-baked Italian baked in Komazawa University’s “Napolystaka”!

Speaking of Komazawa University, my local area. At the end of 2015, the Italian opened a shop on the way to the station. It was understood from the appearance of the store that it was Italian at a glance.

For a while, I thought that “I am somewhat lazy in Italy” but I do not think it will become such a popular shop. Italian, this Napolystaka, pizza was on the television as being an ultra-genuine horny topic.

A long time has passed since I thought of going someday, but I went there last year.

Popularity is almost full as the store opens

Almost everyone lined up in a shop before making a reservation or opening. Because we were in front of the opening ceremony, we were surprised to think that there are so many people. Italian people greeted me with a super smile at the same time as opening. The interior is super fashionable.

Ultra authentic kiln-baked pizza.

Although I found a fashionable pizza kiln, I took photos unintentionally even though I was in off mode. It seems like she ‘s going to Disney. Perhaps it is also popular reason that visa is eaten in different space of European design.

Because it is the first time, after all Margherita!


I usually eat pizza only in Pizza and Pizza Hut, so I do not know the authentic Italian pizza. For starters I ordered a classic Margherita.

Impression of authentic pizza

Margherita was ecstatic enough to change the common sense of pizza among themselves as the material was intact. This is a guy who is happy with adults who are tired of women and persistent things.

As a calorie & juicy-oriented servant I was honestly too light and I was unsatisfactory.

I mean I was glad I was not margarita. There were lots of things like salads with salads that responded to more, and pro shooters were delicious!

We will look forward to that next time.

The place is 30 seconds walking from the west entrance of Komazawa University Station on the Denento line, about 15 seconds.

We are having lunch and dinner, so please do.

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