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Report of the progress of 3 months from the start of diet by the weight of 100 kg weight!

Three months have passed since the beginning of dieting from the middle of April.

I am giving up thinning over and over so far, but the results are coming out this time. I will tell you the reason at the end.

Rough rough diet progress so far

Weight at the start of diet

The weight on April 16 is 95.1 km. It was nearly 100 kg fat man.


Body weight one month after starting diet

Weigh 90.3 kg just one month after starting diet.

It was a result of minus 4.8 kilos in one month.


Weight after 2 months from the beginning of diet

After two months it is 88.6 kg. It got a further minus 1.7 kg, but it has slowed down here.


From the second month onwards, I ate so much.

I ate a delicious thing convincedly because I went back to Japan temporarily. As a result, it increased to 90.1 kg at a stroke. In the midst of extending by 1.5 kg in just 10 days …. (I did not increase as much as I thought.)


Weight after 3 months from the beginning of diet

[この3日間の体重推移↓7月11日: 89.5kg ->夜ピザLガチ食い7月12日: 89.4kg ->昼ピザハーフ、夜ラムチョップガチ食いそして本日7月13日夕方の体重は”88.0kg”!!チート技大成功。…]

And, as of the night of July 13, which is about three months later, the result is 88.0 km. It is 7.1 kg down from the start.

So, in my case I succeeded in dieting 7.1 kg in 3 months, but I will tell you again what kind of diet you are doing.


My diet method for 3 months came

Although I managed to lose weight despite the lapse of a lapse of time, basically I was doing muscle training while doing a reasonable diet.

I will briefly introduce how it came.

Muscle training
  • Training is 1 hour to 2 hours a day. We divided the part to be tempered 5-6 days a week.
  • The trained muscle is whole body. We preferentially exercised parts with large muscle mass such as chest, back and legs.
  • Aerobic exercise is often about 10 to 20 minutes after muscle training if you feel at ease.
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day to maximize the effect of muscle trekkai diet.


  • Take calorie just by your own metabolism.
  • I grasp the daily requirement of the three major macro nutrients such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates and tried meals tailored to it.
  • Basically, I will not drink alcohol.


  • Protein: It is indispensable after muscle training.
  • Protein bar: I eat it occasionally as a snack.
  • HMB: Prepare muscle before ingestion to prevent muscle degradation.
  • Multivitamin: Because it tends to be short during dieting, it is supplemented.
Health management tools & applications used

DIET GENIUS macro calculation simulator

It is a site which can confirm the basal metabolism and the necessary amount of my 3 major nutrients.


AI’s nutrition managers advise variously just by searching for and inputting what you ate easily. I managed the intake and calories of three major nutrients.


Over, I’m on a diet with this method and tools.


Why is this diet going well?

Frankly because it is aimed at building a muscular body by doing muscle training.

Up to now I have been rebounding immediately after diet restriction × jogging center impossible for a short period of time, but this time I am on a diet incorporating muscle training to give muscle firmly to the whole body.

By doing a muscle trekkai diet,

  • I did it without doing aerobic exercise such as doing boring jogging etc.
  • Motivation can be maintained because there is feeling that muscle strength and muscles are attached. (Actually, the weight that can lift dumbbell & barbell is also getting higher.)
  • I eat the amount needed to train muscles so I do not need extreme patience.
  • Basal metabolism is up because muscle is attached. Eating once in a while does not rebound and it is difficult to gain weight.

Because it makes good use of the merit such as diet is going on properly.


To be honest, a 100 kg fat man’s diet is not painful.

I think that it is not easy for people of body fat percentage to lose weight so far, but it is not painful to drop a few kilos of body weight for people with body fat percentage as high as 30% near 100 kilometers. People who are overweight to live feel free to recommend me try starting a muscle Toray Diet like me.


The diet will continue forever.

Three months have just passed, but when I look back on my previous exercise and eating habits, I learned that “there was no reason not to get fat.”

And from now on, I also realize that I have to go on a diet for the whole life to maintain my body shape in an ideal shape.

It may be thought that life is a diet or too hot, but people keeping their body shape as good as they are trying to take good care of meals or exercising.

So it can not be helped. Especially for the fat that gets fat only until it reaches 100 kilos.


My goal is to make my weight less than 80 kg at the end of 5th month of diet!

The future goal is to make it from 88.0 km to 80 km in three months while attaching the muscle. We will reduce the remaining 8 kilometers by mid September. I think that I want to become fat bodied by dropping only fat without lean body mass of muscle etc. as much as possible.


I will report diet progress in the future!

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