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Dreaming of winning BIG and LOTO

I’ve started buying lottery in Japan. “Started” means I made up my mind to buy the weekly lottery called BIG or LOTO everytime. A book about good-luck which I’ve read recently inspired me to do that. An author of the book won the lottery and got 600 million yen (6M US dollars) in his past time and he is advising readers how he got such luck in the book. It is very simple way. He buys lottery for 3,000 yen few times everymonth and pray for himself storing the lottery ticket at east side of his house with it enclosed in a blue color envelop which manner is based on Kyu-sei (Ninestar traditional astrological signs in Onmyodo). Actually I had been very negative about lottery because you know a story.. the probability of winning the lottery is almost none as less as people get die of meteorite crash on the street. Knowing this fact, I had been thinking like “who the hell buys lottery? Are such people insane?”. But now I dare to be crazy because I learned there’s one natural condition to win lottery here..”You never win lottery unless you become crazy to buy the lottery”. If I’m very luckey, I will get 600 million someday and report here.

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