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All dishesof Hamasami yaki are so cute.


My wife, who loves tableware, found a dish that he might be hooked.

It is Hasamiyaki’s new design style ceramic.

Imari and Arita-yaki are famous but are you familiar with Hasami-yaki? What?

I did not know at all. When I first saw it was something I thought it was a dish baked in something

It seems that this is a pottery made in the place called Hasami Town in Nagasaki. Originally it seems that it was distributed as Arita yaki.

While pushing a flock of ladies at the department I bought a small dish of plates and a square plate and a bowl for my one lunch.

Where can I buy Hasamiyaki’s bowl?

Since it was a place like a temporary shop even if it was a sales department, what would you do if you wanted to purchase more repeat from now? If I looked it in and saw it, apparently it seems that Instagram has become a topic a bit somewhat. I thought it was cute.

You know Japanese old dishes are sometimes like too old?

I thought that the feeling like “THE taste” is still early at my age, so it did not find anything I wanted very much.

But I have already found Hasamiyaki! !

I also found a shop that sells this dish! More than one store was opened for Rakuten!

Variety Handsami-yaki’s vessels are nice!

The vessel whose favorite marine organisms are drawn is a series called cocomalin, but there are various series of Hasamiyaki machines ~!


This is a series called TANIKU, but it is a cute and practical elegance that can be used for soy sauce sushi, put soy sauce or something on a wide side, and the mouth part of the bottle can also be used for chopstick rest.


There are other colors in this bowl series, but I just want to eat Acai etc. uselessly with just pretty colors that I can not think of Japanese-style dishes.


Many other types of vessels and mugs are on sale, but are not they nice?

There is no feeling of floating in comparison with other dishes if this is the case with Japanese dishes, but if you eat breakfast with this, it seems the tension will rise ^ ^ ♪

For a while I’m thinking I will make it here when I buy dishes!

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