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Rest or work or exercise?

 A question everyday comes up on my mind. Should I rest or work or exercise today? Meaning, I’m wondering how to spend my free time to  improve quality of my life. Personally I prefer taking rest to do something consuming my energy while I know that taking too long rest ends up to a lack of exercise that worsens my physical/mental condition and deteriorates efficiency of my work and personal project that could make some profit or my skill-enhancement.

At the end, I’ll fail in keeping myself in shape. This predictable bad end always worries me when I choose “taking a rest” out of the above three options. Then, I move my ass to take the same action as always: I start killing my resting time by doing more exercise and improving my physical strength and stamina. I have been repeating the same trial in recent years and come back to the initial position eventually and rethink “Rest or work or exercise?”. The loop always goes on in my life. Sounds very lazy but this is human being, right? I won’t rush and blame myself. I will just struggle anytime to make tomorrow a better day believing it will surely be.


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