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A Meat Mountain on the Rice

Have you ever heard that Japanese people love eating roasted-beef with rice? I can imagine western people are suprised to know that, but anyway we lovely eat it as a fast food called “Roasted-beef don”. Actually it’s really good. Roasted-beef on the rice with raw fresh egg, cream cheese and wasabi soy sauce is best matching! Here are pictures taken when I visited IONE mall in Kaihin Makuhari, Chiba prefecture. This is info of where I’ve eaten in. Rostobifu Hoshi is restraunt chain located several spots in Japan. See the beautiful rock mountain covered with snow! Are you ready to climb up? Unfortunately the restaurant above is not located in Tokyo but Chiba. This area of Kaihin Makuhari is popular for Makuhari stadium where various seasonal events and business conferences are held. Also, a lot of  hotels and accomodations are here. It’s convenient for people who visit Tokyo Disneyland since it’s close by Keiyo line. I see more foreigners here recently. There are so many Roasted-beef don restaurants also in Tokyo but I don’t have enough time to summarize them today… let me show you next time!

My best beef tongue in Sangenjyaya

I believe Japanese beef is the highest quality on earth. When I say high quality beef, it’s marbled beef which is like a masterpiece of art or greater than that. You can enjoy it even by visual itself not only its taste. Among such beautiful beefs are available in Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants in Japan and they are fiercely competing each other especially in Tokyo area. “Yakiniku Sakamoto” is one of my best Yakiniku restaurant located near Sangenjyaya Sta. of Tokyu-denentoshi-line.  It serves awesome high rate beefs, and my favorite menu is Jyou atsugiri tansio (High rank thick slices of beef tongue with salt). See this beautiful pieces of marbled beef tongue. It’s so high brand, fresh, smooth and crazy tender! Once you experience the taste you won’t be able to eat tender sirloin beef because it’s not “tender” for you anymore. Only this beef tongue is the real tender beef! You can eat them even as raw meat since it’s too fresh, we call it “niku sashi” (Sashimi of meat) if we eat meat as it’s raw. I recommend you to grill …

Do you know “Suddenly! Steak”?

I want you to introduce you  about “Suddenly! Steak (Ikinari Steak in Japanese)” when you comes to Japan. “Ikinari” means “suddenly”, “all of a sudden” or “without preparation”. It looks they are trying to express that beef-lovers can eat beef steak anytime they want  right after they step in the steak house. The stake house chain is getting popular now and newly opened in New York city as well.  You can eat huge and good quality beef with cheaper price here and order your stake per gram. Example, regular beef stake costs 6 yen (converted to 0.6 USD) per gram. Also there is a variant  part of beef like rib, sirloin and fillet etc. All meats are very tender and super delicious and you must be satisfied with its volume more than anything! As far as I know, the beef stakes here are the cheapest and most delicious house in the present Japan.The stake houses are located everywhere in Japan and especially Tokyo such as Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya, Ebisu , Shinjyuku, Ikebukuro  and also my home town Sangenjyaya. (See this resutaurant location list.) An interst thing is that this chain restaurant issue “Niku” milage card. Niku …