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My English is all about my curiosity

I haven’t been liking learning English until now. I don’t feel any delight or pleasure even I become better at English. It’s so boring to study it on the book and I feel it’s wasting my time. Then why I learned and now use this language, it’s because I just wanna communicate people living out of Japan, who are various nationalities and have different views and values from me, know things I cannot find in Japan and visit somewhere I haven’t seen in my life. To accomplish the objectives, I had no choice but to learn English but I’m really appreciate my talent  to be eagar for doing that otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post now. I still need to improve my level in English more to get more experience and knowledge in my life but rushing is not necessary I think. I’ll take it easy and start learning with my curiosity relevant to English such as American novels, dramas and movies..