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Turkish food

Turkish Food Love

A few days ago, I got a chance to eat in Turkish restaurant placed near my living area. Remembering my past trip in Turkey 8 years ago, I remember that Turkish food  has a variety of fish, mutton, beef and chickin dishes which have been seleceted as one of the Three Grand Cuisine in the world. This time I didn’t expect much about this restaurant because here is obviously the deepest countyside where I’ve lived in ever in my life but such my expectation was betrayed after I ate the first dish I ordered. Beef kebab and ram chop taste so great like the best in my middle east life. In additon to the excellence, my favorite green chilies were with each meat dishes. Finding tasty food makes my life better. I love kebab and Turkish food!

Perfect breakfast

When I was a kid in a school, one of my classmate said “A combination toast and a cup of coffee at breakfast is great. It makes you intelligent”. I still don’t know how did she get the nature and if it’s true (maybe not). But the doubtful tip was somehow impressive to me and since that moment I’ve been liking eating toast and coffee at breakfast. As I grew up, I’ve get to like egg omlet and bacon too. Now that, speaking of my favorite breakfast, the combination a few slices of buttered toast, bacons, egg omlet (with cheese is the best) , bacons and a cup of coffee like as above picture is the most splendid and perfect breakfast for me. Here’s unknown restraunt in a country of the Middle east.