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Real Japaese food never exist in overseas

Hello people who are living in or came from out of Japan. Have you ever tried “Real Japanese food” in Japan? I want you to well understand that Japanese food served in your country is NOT Japanese food because their tastes are throughly customized to local prople. To be honest I have never met good Japanese food other than Japan even though I have visited more than 25 countries ever in my life.  In addition, the real Japanese food is not as expensive as your country and has much more variations. I can show you an example for such the real Japanese food. Do you know Tempura? Tempura is a Japanese national and traditional dish of seafood and vegetables (evem ice-cream is possible) which are battered and deep-fried. Battered and fried vegetables used to be called “syojin-age” in the very past time  and they were loved by monks in temples, and finally distinguished from tempura. But know, there’s no more distinction and all are called tempura. I know more people from overseas are eating nowadays. Well then, what about “Ebi-mayo”? I’m sure you don’t know. It is little arranged Shurimp tempura …

Yakitori “Toritaka” at Futakotamagawa

My first time to visit this Yakitori restaurant where is located 5 min walk form Futakotamagawa Sta. of Tokyu Denentoshi line. The name is Toritaka(酉たか), which is well known and high evalueted by Tokyo people for its great Yakitori tastes. I have tried a dinner course this time. I booked 2 seats just 1hour befo re my visit and found available. I guess weekday is not as busy as weekend. They prepare 3 types of dinner course and a la carte menu and courses varies by the number of yakitori skewer like 1,980 yen for 7 skewers, 2,780 yen for 10skewers  and 3,380 yen for 12 skewers. a A variety of Yakitori and vegitable menu is available. Chicken noodle, soup, Oyako-don which is a dish consists of raice and half-baked egg are much attractive to me but couldn’t try all this time.. Very strange visual to you, isn’t it? More good yakitori resutaurant service this. Most of Japanese people love chicken lever. So do I. If you don’t like the taste of lever, you can start with this, a heart of chicken. Very less smell of blood if …

My life base, Sangenjyaya

My home town Sangenjyaya is the place 5min ride from Tokyo downtown Shibuya where had been low city and residential area of Tokyo until I became age to recognize things. It’s well balanced town with a variation of shops, restaurant and amusement after some fashonable mood had come from Shimokitazawa where is the very fashonable town for young people and there are nice cafeterias, restaurants and bars. Route 246 goes across the town toward Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi for inbound or Futakotamagawa for outbound. I rarely find foreigners meanwhile there are many in Shibuya where’s 10 min far from here. To tourists who visit Japan, I highly recommend to drop by this town getting off Tokyu-Denentoshi Metro line at Sangenjyaya station. Soon I’ll be share info about this time on this blog for you.