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You can eat Italian pizza with authentic kiln-baked Italian baked in Komazawa University’s “Napolystaka”!

Speaking of Komazawa University, my local area. At the end of 2015, the Italian opened a shop on the way to the station. It was understood from the appearance of the store that it was Italian at a glance. For a while, I thought that “I am somewhat lazy in Italy” but I do not think it will become such a popular shop. Italian, this Napolystaka, pizza was on the television as being an ultra-genuine horny topic. A long time has passed since I thought of going someday, but I went there last year. Popularity is almost full as the store opens Almost everyone lined up in a shop before making a reservation or opening. Because we were in front of the opening ceremony, we were surprised to think that there are so many people. Italian people greeted me with a super smile at the same time as opening. The interior is super fashionable. Ultra authentic kiln-baked pizza. Although I found a fashionable pizza kiln, I took photos unintentionally even though I was in off …

My best beef tongue in Sangenjyaya

I believe Japanese beef is the highest quality on earth. When I say high quality beef, it’s marbled beef which is like a masterpiece of art or greater than that. You can enjoy it even by visual itself not only its taste. Among such beautiful beefs are available in Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants in Japan and they are fiercely competing each other especially in Tokyo area. “Yakiniku Sakamoto” is one of my best Yakiniku restaurant located near Sangenjyaya Sta. of Tokyu-denentoshi-line.  It serves awesome high rate beefs, and my favorite menu is Jyou atsugiri tansio (High rank thick slices of beef tongue with salt). See this beautiful pieces of marbled beef tongue. It’s so high brand, fresh, smooth and crazy tender! Once you experience the taste you won’t be able to eat tender sirloin beef because it’s not “tender” for you anymore. Only this beef tongue is the real tender beef! You can eat them even as raw meat since it’s too fresh, we call it “niku sashi” (Sashimi of meat) if we eat meat as it’s raw. I recommend you to grill …

My life base, Sangenjyaya

My home town Sangenjyaya is the place 5min ride from Tokyo downtown Shibuya where had been low city and residential area of Tokyo until I became age to recognize things. It’s well balanced town with a variation of shops, restaurant and amusement after some fashonable mood had come from Shimokitazawa where is the very fashonable town for young people and there are nice cafeterias, restaurants and bars. Route 246 goes across the town toward Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi for inbound or Futakotamagawa for outbound. I rarely find foreigners meanwhile there are many in Shibuya where’s 10 min far from here. To tourists who visit Japan, I highly recommend to drop by this town getting off Tokyu-Denentoshi Metro line at Sangenjyaya station. Soon I’ll be share info about this time on this blog for you.