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【Taiwan gourmet】 14 awesome tastes at Shihlin Night Market

Shihlin Night Market (Seirin Yoichi) is the biggest and famous in Taipei’s night market. Everyone will visit the traveler. I have already been to Shihlin Night Market about 5 times. I have only gone to Taiwan twice so far, but that’s why I go to this night market because there are lots of delicious food.


The story of Shihlin Night Market food was about a little in the introduction article I wrote after traveling to Taiwan for the first time but I would like to introduce the delicious shop stalls of Shihlin again and again.

8 classic gourmet from Taiwan

1.胡椒餅 (fried meat)


It is a manju of att’aart listed wrapping pork with pepper. I think that it is surely delicious if it is Japanese, but a little spicy.

I am vacant though because it is still bright, but I will have a queue at night so let’s eat it as soon as you find one. The appearance looks like a baked bread, but …

If you bite a bite, meat will appear from inside. The outside is crispy and the inside is juicy. It is delicious. Beware of baked fish because it’s hotly fucked!


2.雞排(Super oversized fried chicken)


雞排 is a super-oversized fried chicken and a representative gourmet of Taiwan stalls. Anyway, its size is stupid. Expressing the feeling of size as “a bigger fried chicken than a human face”, I often see tourists who take pictures by arranging chicken next to their face.

It may be difficult to understand the size, but it is big. Super cute juicy listing. I would like to eat Korean if I eat Kentucky. Absolutely recommended.

There are several food stalls for 雞排. However, if you dare introduce the most tasty 雞排, this stall called “香雞排”. Regular excretion is seasoned with spice powder sprinkled on fried chicken fried crisply, but this type painted special sauce. This sauce makes me feel good again.

“香雞排” is undoubtedly the popularity No. 1 of the local people. This queue is full at sunset. As you go to the main gate of Shihlin Night Market all the way to the right, there is “incense incense” at the end of the night market area.


3.大腸包小腸(Taiwan style hot dog wrapped in rice)

This food to write with the small intestine wrapped in the large intestine, this name which seems to be visceral to blatantly, I will imagine a little grotesque thing ,,,


Actually, it is a Taiwanese style hot dog that sausage is sandwiched between buns made of rice. This is confusing and delicious. This is the best in me but I am unanimously unanimous with my friend who has been to Taiwan No.1. I think that there is a stall of the small intestine of the large intestine envelope whenever I go to the night market, but I think that Shihlin is the most delicious.

Actually it wrapped around like this and hand it over. It is GOOD that you can eat without steeping your hands as you eat while eating it from paper gradually.

The stall of 大腸包小腸 can be seen as a store just baking red and white sausages at first glance like a photo. The white one is the wrapping part of the hot dog so do not notice without going through.


4.起司馬鈴薯(Cheese potato)

It is a junk food that puts bacon on a cheddar cheese that melted boiled potatoes and put it on a crust. There is no way it can not be delicious.

Although the signboard reflects on the light, it does not appear, but it is written as “起司馬鈴薯”. It is right next to the fried chicken “香雞排” I introduced earlier.


5.葱油餅(Fluffy juicy fried bread)

I do not know if it is really onions but the eggs have entered the clothes that flavorfully juiced with oil. This is a gem of a hot horse to eat absolutely.

I always bought it here. It seems that it is also published in Taipei Walker.


6.士林熱狗王(Taiwanese style American dog)

Taiwanese style American dog I tried eating it with an interesting name called hot dable.


It is solidly incised. Perhaps I think that it cut it with groundbreaking thought that you can cast ketchup and mustard here. The taste is completely ordinary American dog. It is easier to eat than the original one if it says it is thin. I like people I like.


7.臭豆腐(Deep-fried in Taiwan’s unique flavor)

“臭豆腐” is a staple of stalls where there are many shops no matter where you go to the night market. I heard that it smells so nauseated that it is not as bad as I thought.

There is no such thing as it looks. It smells a bit to the nose until you eat it, but it is just a sweet sauce if you stay in your mouth. It is delicious normally. If you come to Taiwan so much, I have to try it once!


8.杏鮑茹(Grilled Eringi mashroom)

It is the stall of Elingi BBQ that locals make rows of long lines. When you go to Shihlin you are lined up.

A lot of eryngii are baked one after another ,,,

It is such a food. Exquisite seasoned seasoning of eringi which was burned fluffily. It is healthy and tasty. Shirin ‘s “杏鮑茹” is introduced in detail in another article.


Origin of Korea? But three delicious food stall gourmet selection

9.濃起司章魚焼(Cheese Takoyaki)

I think that I often see these stalls, Shilin Night Market walking. I do not think I’m coming to Taiwan and baking octopus. It is totally different from octopus grill we know.

If you look closely it may be because it is written in Korean because it is written “signature” in the signboard.

Looking at the middle of making, it is the first impression that one octopus-grilling space is packed too much and I do not know well, but if you look closely you see a lot of cheese riding on octopus .

Here is the finished product. The size of octopus! The octopus is overflowing from the box because it is too big.

I am sorry to have been disturbed, but if you think that it is an octopus and cheese rather than a powder octopus baked. It is very different from the octopus like the corner of the taco grill that is in the Japanese festival. It is delicious to enjoy octopus taste firmly. He has a response to eating.


10.韓式熱狗棒(Deep-fried Frankfurt with cheese)

Although it may be derived from Korea, I think that I often encounter when coming to Taiwan’s night market.

On the signboard there is a pictures that pokes for cheese lovers.

I think that appearance is fried sausage, but it is fun to see that it is totally different from imagination when eating.

The skin that covers it than sausage is juicy. And Torotro’s mozzarella cheese inside. I am dying to like cheese. And some sausages are included in the extent of sorry. I admired the sense of volume that I packed so much like this.


11.韓式炸雞部隊麺(Cheese Chicken Ramen)

This is based on familiar cheese taccarbie in Korea, but the fun place is where ramen is also entering it!

Chicken × cheese × ramen. I thought it was a taste that I could imagine and I never experienced it. There is quite a volume, so it is recommended for those who want to eat much.


3 shops of women’s favorite “Tapioca drink” shops


A stylish drink shop as it floats from the atmosphere of the night market. It is tapioca juice that is more important than design and color-friendly.

I can drink such colorful juice. It will be nice on instagram.



A shop in Tapioca drink called “珍煮丹” which was on the street in the middle of a night market. A lot of tea drinks. Everything seems to be delicious, but in my opinion there is no mistake of powdered tea milk. Tapioca here is delicious and delicious.



This is a chain store, everywhere in Taipei except Shihlin Night Market.

Fresh tapioca juice. Pretty orthodox type. Green tea here is recommended when thirsty.


This is a summary of the food stall gourmet that we thought that our couple was delicious by eating Shihlin Night Market in Taipei. Please refer for your trip.

In addition, I will go to Shihlin next time and eat something and I will update it more and more.

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