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【Taiwan Sightseeing】”Red reef tea house” delicious tea, meal and the best view in Macon


While I was traveling in Taiwan, I went to 猫空 (Maocon) on a day trip. Cat Sky is one of the tourist destinations of Taipei and it is located on the mountain climbed by ropeway about one hour from the city.

Although it is about 4 kilometers ropeway and it is about 300 meters high.

Because the green of nature continues only, I feel calm.

猫空 are where I take a walk and drink tea.

What place is 猫空 for? I thought before going, but anyway I tried to drink a delicious tea with my name cute. Basically it’s like a place to relax and enjoy a scenic view and drink tea slowly.

We had not eaten rice in the morning, so we looked for a meal immediately. Sometimes it is on the top of the mountain, I could not find a nice shop.

Somehow entered “紅木屋休閒茶館” was very good.

A shop featuring being a building of brick making. I decided here because it was possible to have meal and tea.

Although there is a first floor and an underground floor here, we recommend seats in the basement floor because the first floor can only see the scenery through the glass. Although it is the basement floor, it is the lower floor of the building which is built in the mountain, so you can see the scenery from the top of the mountain.


Looking from the outside like this. It was a very good feeling.

Taiwanese tea which I drank in “紅木屋休閒茶館”


I forgot what tea was, but I made it the most orthodox tea. I felt so delicious as I walked a bit on a hot day. You guys have drunk.


Stir-fried vegetables and eggs


We also had rice in earnest. It was distinctive that raw eggs were on board, ginger and garlic were effective, that the food we ate here was something like sausage (a kind of aka grease) was a bit different.


Chicken and Pao

f:id:hapimo6164:20180703065128j:imageI also ate cold chicken with kelp soup. Well. Pao is a bread made from only meat bread dough, but it is fluffy and rich in delicious taste. I can only eat this.


Shrimp soup

It is a soup of shrimp and tofu. There is no way it can not be delicious.



I liked the favorite “Beef boiled beef”, I tried it here as well. Homage as ever.

It was a “紅木屋休閒茶館” which somehow entered and eaten and drank, but it was a shop that you can recommend if you want to have tea with rice in the sky.

紅木屋休閒茶館(Red reef tea house)


Walk after cats lightly even after meals

Since my stomach became full, I started searching for cats sky. There is a pre-determined walking route.

It is a quiet and peaceful mountain road. I heard that the tourists pass each other.

The air is delicious. It is the same as in Japan, a slightly different atmosphere.

Despite the sunshine in the April period, it was hot over 30 degrees. I went home without walking for an hour. If the cat sky leaves early in the morning, planning with a half-day course is no problem at all.

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